Refreshing, bell-like voice clarity, and captivating, only partially describe this artist's multifaceted singing performances which make her one of Florida's most sought-after singer/songwriters.

 From the age of thirteen, Jeanie Fitchen has enchanted concert and festival audiences from the Alaskan Arctic to the Caribbean Tropics, bringing to them her singular musical art intertwining original stories and stellar vocals in a rich musical synthesis.
 Jeanie at 15

 Jeanie at 9 months  Born and raised in Orlando, Florida, Jeanie grew up with the music of great masters such as Verdi, Puccini and Mozart. Her mother had hoped that she might train for the opera but Jeanie found her musical niche in the simple beauty and artistic style of folk music, viewing it as a vehicle for personal and social expression.

 "When I was growing up I loved to sing every kind of music. Many years passed before I could fully appreciate the communicative power of folk music."  Jeanie at 8

 Jeanie and Mary Ann DiNella  The admiration and respect she has received from her fans and colleagues as well as the many colorful adventures she has experienced in her travels throughout the wilds are the driving forces that fuel Jeanie's passion for musical creation and performance.

 "Her songs have a quality and freshness that are as lovely as nature itself. The sounds emanating from her guitar and her exquisite voice, are like water flowing free in a brook."
.....The Orlando Sentinel
 Jeanie and river

 Jeanie with school kids
"I consider it my great fortune to have had these experiences with the children from whom I learned so much!"
 Jeanie has written and produced children's folk musical plays, which have combined historical and ecological themes in a musical context, providing young students with an appreciation for their heritage and environment. For several years Jeanie has visited schools across the State to present her History Program:
 A Musical Journey Through Florida


 At age 15, Jeanie made her festival debut with appearances at the Florida Folk Festival in White Springs and the Fox Hollow Folk Festival in Petersburg, New York. She continues to be a major performer and MC at numerous festivals and acoustic venues around the country.  Jeanie at 16 at FFF

 "A voice that is melodic, haunting, familiar, warm, soothing and energizing--all at once."
              ....The Hornpipe Magazine

 Jeanie with guitar  Jeanie's concert performances take the listener through the entire gamut of emotions as she spins yarns and tugs at the heartstrings, incorporating traditional as well as contemporary topical elements in her programs. She is a highly-acclaimed songwriter with the ability to evoke through melancholy and euphoria the wondrous resilience and vitality of life.

"I believe that we all have the ability to achieve immortality just by leaving some small part of ourselves behind."

 "Her voice seems to float off the stage and enchant everyone within range."
....The Leesburg Daily Commercial

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