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 2016 Florida Folk Festival LEGENDS AND LEGACY Award

Recipient of the 
from the Stetson Kennedy Foundation
In recognition of her outstanding contributions to the Florida songbag.
The songs she has written and sung in praise and defense of Florida's natural and cultural heritage have done much to enrich the lives of the living and ensure that these treasures will be passed on for generations to come.

White Springs, Florida 2010

Recipient of the
The awards are given to outstanding folk artists and folk culture advocates who have made long-standing contributions to the folk cultural resources of the state. Established in 1985, the program parallels the National Heritage Fellowships.

 There are Roads lined with silver,
Roads lined with gold,
Roads that leave you hungry,
Thirsty and cold,
There are roads that lead to happiness,
Roads to despair,
Take a look around you...they're everywhere.

 ...Title cut from Grammy Nominated ROADS


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As the earth's population reaches 7 billion...

Growth Busters: Hooked on Growth
It's here at last! Join the movement and follow the film:


Please join a "Creative" Challenge to Musicians, Songwriters, Artists, Authors and Poets. Communicate the negative impact of overpopulation and wasteful consumption on our life-support system and motivate humanity toward positive change.

Listen to Changes in the Wind:

How many people is too many, as we reach 7 billion strong. Pull your head up from the sand, the choice is in the hand of every woman, child and man.

There is no graver premonition, than a world that's run out of room. 12 years more uncontrolled would add a billion to the fold and greater burden upon the land.

The world will see discord, drought and famine, as her natural resources disappear. And to feed the human masses, the earth's fulfillment passes to a wasteland, wild of sand.


 Hello, my friends!

Check out my blog at and log on to Facebook to read snippets from my latest novels, ONE NATION UNDER GWAD? and GWAD NATION II. More will come later--just ask!! In the meantime, be sure to visit and learn how you can get involved with spreading the message. Support the documentary by SPONSORING A SHOWING AND purchasing a fundraising CD which features songs by artists from around the country including Pete Seeger and Jeanie! Check out the video of the song "Changes in the Wind" at You Tube.

Two New Releases from
Jeanie Fitchen

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A Part of Me/ sold out, sorry!
The Early Years - Growing Up At The Florida Folk Festival

 A Part of Me - CD photo

 A historical representation of Jeanie's early performances at the premier Florida Folk Festival, featuring introductions by Cousin Thelma Boltin.
Listen to: A Part of Me A Part of Me

Wanderings, Shards of Time

A compilation of 15 previously-recorded songs from the early years, including
Baja.mp3, Seminole, Don't Come Bearing Flowers.mp3, Eutrophic on Lake Okeechobee,Wild Mountain Thyme.mp3 , Welcome Home, The River of my Home, Miss Louise, Earthquake!, I Wish I Could Be Back Home Again, Juncalito By The Sea, The Suwannee Flows Deep in Our Heart, Anthem to the Morning, The Ballad of the Florida Alligator and I'm Florida, Need I Say More?
 Wanderings - CD photo

Jeanie with guitar



In the meantime...from music writing to novel writing,

I am currently working on a new novel called Letters From the Mines, based upon the diary and 69 letters written by a young student from The Colorado School of Mines during the turbulent early 60s.

I'm working on a new-adult novel, Will God Get His Payback? , a multicultural picture book called Chocolate Pudding! and a multigenerational picture book entitled Her Heart is in Her Hands: a Quilting Story, based upon my song of the same title! Click on the title and take a listen.

I have also just completed a middle-grade fantasy-adventure novel based on the mythical Phoenix Bird. It's called The Unearthly Adventures of Phoenix Rising Glorious...

Named for the legendary bird of mythology, because of her brilliant red hair and propensity for flight, 11-year-old Phoenix Rising Glorious triumphs above the disparaging and often comedic antics of her small-minded neighbors, metamorphosing into a magnificent bird with brilliant plumage.

A striking young girl, an astonishing firebird--one body, one mind.

A plane crash? An extraordinary sojourn in another world?--one body, one mind.


If you'd like to reach me while I am on the road or at home, please use my alternate email address below. It's faster and works a lot better than because there is no spam!

One more thing---Roads, Love Flows Like a River and A Folk Christmas are now available online through the following sources (or you may order POSTFREE directly from Jeanie ):

Review from: Dirty Linen Magazine

Jeanie Fitchen Love Flows Like a River [(Carry It On cp 4636 (1999)] Jeanie Fitchen Roads [Carry It On cp 4637 (1999)] Since she was a teenager, Jeanie Fitchen has been quietly making a name for herself in regional folk festivals with original ballads about the history and environment of her native Florida. These are her first CDs, but not her first recordings, and the maturity and skill of an experienced performer lends strength to both discs. Love Flows Like a River is an eclectic selection of songs with the loose theme of journey and exploration. Roads is a series of finely crafted vignettes of a Florida you don't see from Disney World: the dance of the sandhill crane, the subtle legacy of the Seminole tribe, the hard life of the people in the turpentine camps. She has a beautiful voice, as well, in the Tish Hinojosa/Joan Baez timbre. These discs should help bring Fitchen much deserved recognition outside her home state. ---Kerry Dexter, (c) Dirty Linen , Ltd. (August/September, 1999).

 Jeanie's music can now be heard on the Internet. Click icons: Music Sojourn site

 NOW AVAILABLE ON CD! -- Re-release of the highly-acclaimed A Folk Christmas.
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